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To keep our forums clean and a fun place to stay, some rules have been set up to ensure. Please mind these rules when posting. Thank you!

When registering at these forums, you agree with the following rules and information:

    - Every user should keep the netiquette in mind when posting material;
    - So called 'rough' language is allowed as long as it does not get personal;
    - Initiating 'flame wars' is strictly forbidden for all users, including JAG members;
    - Every user is responsible for his or her own content at all times;
    - It is prohibited to post any material which is against any local or international applicable laws or conventions;
    - We give our full co-operation when contacted by legal authorities regarding a specific user that is suspected of committing a criminal offense; In some cases, we are required to inform the authorities of any unlawful act.
    - Please try to use basic punctuation to make posts more clear;
    - English is the main language but one can deviate from this rules as long as common sense is used;
    - Do not doublepost or crosspost;
    - Keep capital words to a minimum. Capital words are interpreted as shouting;
    - Remind that you are a guest at our forums. Whining and not backing up your statements results in account removal.
    - Do not exaggerate with your national proud: i.e. patriotism is seen as a misconduct, the same for other forms of
    extremisms and radicalism.

Legal need to know:

    - The PM system can be read by admins at all times and will be done when it is suspected that a (criminal) offense has been committed. Admin is not obliged to inform the concerned person about it but will do so as far as practicable;
    - Clan Jaguar is storing full database dumps for backup purposes. Our provider is legally bound to keep traffic data for a period of 18 months. This data includes access logs for this website as well as the FTP and mail servers. This is a legal requirement.
    - Anyone engaging or even attempting to engage in these activities will be banned permanently and might face prosecution which results in a fine or imprisonment.

Punitive actions can be taken against rule breakers. This is up to the discretion of Admin. Standard ban durations are undetermined and at least 6 months.
If you want to be unbanned, contact admin with a good reason and some money.

Revision 2 - 22DEC08