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Post by Administrator » Tue Mar 27, 2007 7:11 pm

Everyone is welcome on our Teamspeak server, member or not. So if you fancy a chat on the TS server, simply log on. The time most members are on is between 20.00 - 23.00 GMT.

The address is: - log in type is anonymous. When a SA is present, you will obtain voice rights.

When joining the server, please mind the following rules:

    - People should keep common (sober) sense, the internet etiquette (netiquette), local and international law in mind when using our Teamspeak server.
    - People should ensure that their equipment is working fine and not interfering. Headsets are recommended to avoid echos.
    - Using Teamspeak as a 'MSN app' for an extended period of time is forbidden;
    - Members inviting non members shall inform the non members about the rules on the Teamspeak server;
    - Non members shall obey to the same rules as members and they have to give way to members;
    - Admin can apply limitations to member's invitations or prohibit it either temporary or permanent without stating any reason.
    - All members having SA or CA status at Teamspeak are obliged to kick or ban offenders. Every ban or kick because of misbehaving should be forwarded to Admin for administration.

Additional rules when the server is public:

    - Visitors joining the server must adhere to the same rules stated above.
    - Everyone, clan/community related or not, is welcome except those we became ex-member because not adhering to contribution requirements.
    - Visitors can only register themselves after approval from a CLAN ADMIN.
    - Unregistered visitors have no voice rights when logging in. They will obtain voice rights from the SA on duty once the identity of the visitor has been confirmed.
    - JAG members have been given ban capabilities and they were requested to apply bans with zero tolerance. All bans applied by SA are final!
    - Visitors not adhering to these rules will be removed and may be banned.

These rules are effective immediately at any time unless superseded by an ammendment - REV3 / 22DEC08